Poetry — A memory from my childhood dipped in honey

Photo by Iva Rajović on Unsplash

Golden summer days

Memories running together like honey

Sweet melting heat of long hours stretching

Satin sheen of blue sky puffed with clouds

Three young girls

Their heads bobbing about in the garden

Words like hummingbirds darting about

Tinkling laughter…



Poetry —Delicious dishes nestled together waiting for the dip of my chopsticks like an oar slicing into the ocean

Photo by kofookoo.de on Unsplash

the contents of my bento box

form a savory honeycomb of particles

each compartmentalized into their own squares

my wooden chopsticks mingle with

the crackling acidity of

pickled vegetables nestled against



Poetry — Come find me, in the moonlit halls of night’s soul

Photo by Magnus Östberg on Unsplash

Your tongue is a river of ink

spreading molten words

down my trembling neck

Your name escapes my lips

soft and quivering

like the first flutterings of a

butterfly’s wings

Hesitant and lost at first

Then strong and…



Poetry — thoughts knock on doors and climb in through windows

Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

Buildings full of thoughts

Line avenues in my mind

The thoughts knock on doors

And climb in through windows

Growing like vines on a blank wall

Slithering and green

Glistening in the early morning sun

They light sparks in…



Ophelia Leong

Ophelia Leong

Dancer with words and my body. Writer of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and essays. Strong single mom about to graduate! https://ko-fi.com/ophelialeong